$15,000 sounds like a lot if you’re not working, but if you’re working, and you’re making a decent salary, there are so many tips and tricks that you can try in order to save this amount.  Just remember that you need to be working, and making more than $15,000, if you want to save this money.

Cut back on all the eating out
Savings — $1,820/yr.

If you’re at work, and you find yourself eating out each, and every day, you’re going to find that this is biting into your budget,  You may not realize it, but if you’re eating out at least 5 times a week at $7 or so, this is $1,820 a year.  Start packing your lunch, and save up to $2,000 right there!

Start up a money market account
Add to Savings — $750/yr.

If you’re not familiar with finances, I suggest you start to learn a little bit on your own, or get a professional to help you.  If your money is only collecting .05% with your savings account right now, why not switch to a money market account?  These accounts generally pay 2o times more than your typical bank account.  Let’s say you open up an account with $25,000 at 3%, you’re going to make an extra $750 a year!

Check out other health insurance plans
Savings — $3,480/yr.

When it comes to your own health insurance policy, you may not know about HSA plans, or higher deductible health insurance plans.  If you don’t go to the doctor’s office a lot, you may want to look into them, since they will cost you a lot less per month.  Check out services like eHealthInsurance that can help you find the right policy from leading companies.  If you’re paying $400 a month right now for your insurance, high deductible plans can only cost you about $110 a month.  This is a savings of $290 a month, or $3,480 a year!

Go for the older cars
Savings — $6,000/yr.

A new car is going to cost you an arm and leg, and you shouldn’t have more cars than licensed drivers in the house.  It will make no sense.  By buying a 2 year old used car, this can save you up to 35-50%!  Let’s say you have a $20,000 car in your driveway, and sell it for $17,000.  Take that $17,000, buy the same model that’s 2 years older, and only spend $11,000.  This is a savings of $6,000 right now.

Car pool with co-workers
Savings — $780/yr.

If you’re driving to work by yourself, you may want to look into carpooling.  If you don’t know of anyone that wants to carpool, try websites like RideFinders.org.  If you save $30 every other week in gas, this can add up to $780 in savings per year!

Now I know all of this doesn’t include you, but if it does, I would highly recommend that you look it over to see if you can truly save.  Try some of these tips, and start saving thousands each and every year.