Dealing with overdue medical billsThe number reason most Americans declare bankruptcy today is due to medical bills.  Medical bills can kill us all especially if we don’t have health insurance.  This is why it’s important to never ever be cheap with your health insurance because when the time comes to go to the hospital, you’re going to be sorry!

If you’re one of the many Americans today facing overdue medical bills, there are some things that you can do to help ease the pain.  No, it isn’t the end of your life but you need to make sure that you have focus so that you can pay off these medical bills.

Gather all of your medical bills – Gather up all the bills you have.  Whoever you’re in debt with, get that bill and write down the total.  It helps to write down the total on a piece of paper to make it easier for yourself to assess later.  Once you get the list of all your debts, we are going to work our way to step 2.

Write down your budget – In order to figure how much we can pay, we need to know how much we are bringing in each and every month.  If you bring home $2,000 a month and you have $2,500 in payments, there’s something wrong with the picture.  Write down every bill you have.  From your mortgage to your cable bill.

Start cutting costs – When you’re in debt, you have to cut costs and live poor.  It’s now time to cut the cable bill, cell phone bill in half and getting rid of that gym membership.  Cancel these things and work toward your debt so that you can get them again in the near future.  Even if your cable bill is $50 a month, that’s $50 that can go toward your medical bills!  Your credit is much more important that Fox News.

Call up the hospitals – When you get your budget together, you’ll figure out how much you can pay to who.  Once you figure this out, call up the hospital or whatever provider you owe and explain to them your situation.  Tell them that you want to pay off the bills and you’re willing to work with them.  Most of the time, they will work out some sort of payment plan for you.  Make sure that you pay off your bill each month because if you don’t, you may find that they will turn around and jack up your rates once again.

Pay off that debt – Paying overdue bill isn’t hard at all.   It takes money to get rid of debt.  If you have to get another job, go get it.  If you have to sell a car, sell it.  I think you get the idea.  You can’t make money watching TV for 5 hours a night.  There are plenty of retail and side job opportunities out there.  It’s your duty to get up now and start making money because no one is going to feel sorry for you.

Debt hurts a lot of people each year but I can’t stress enough that you can get out of debt as easy as it came to you.  Stay focused, pay off those bills and you’ll thank yourself in the long run.