Best debt collection booksIf you’re trying to get out of debt today, there are many resources out there that you can use.  From watching a DVD to reading a book, it’s hard to determine where you should start to do your research, especially if you’re new to all of this. 

When it comes to myself and my own preferences, I tend to read books and articles online because it seems as the only resource that sticks with me when it comes to learning.  As for watching DVDs, it’s hard for me to go back and reference things when I have a question or concern.

I did some research on thousands of books online.  I read reviews, read a few of the books and picked out a few books that you should read when it comes to debt collection and books.

Suze Orman’s 2009 Action Plan:  Suze Orman and her popular CNBC show has hit the bookshelves.  In fact, she has written many great books in the past.  She gives you all the information you need to know how to get out of debt and stop spending the stupid way.  If you want the facts and you don’t want people to give you a pity party, I highly recommend her advice.  With this action plan, she’s going to show you how to save for retirement, how to make more money, how to save it the right way and most importantly, how to pay off those silly debts you have.

Debt Collection Secrets: Everything The Debt Collector Doesn’t Want You To Know:  If you’re debt today, you’ve probably already have dealt with the debt collectors and while they should call you to get the money they want, there are some things that they do in order to get your money.  This book written by Terry Black goes into detail on what you should know when it comes to the debt collection agency market.

Collection Agency Harassment: What the Debt Collector Doesn’t Want You to Know:  Just like the book I just mentioned, this book goes into detail on how the collection agency market harasses people in order to collect their money.  Some of the things they may do are illegal but you may not know about it.  This book allows you to understand your rights, fight the agencies and simply informs you.

There are literally hundreds of books out there that deal with debt and collections.  Check out the few I mentioned above and see if it’s anything you want to read.  The more you know and the more you read, the more you become informed about your debts.