Secured Credit Cards

Secured credit cards are designed for consumers with no credit or even those that have bad credit. Since most issuers are going to require that a deposit is set, there's a good chance that most applicants are going to be approved. The cards listed below are all secured cards that are opened to all applicants that are over the age of 18, as well as United States citizen. Before you apply for a card, be sure to research the fees, the fine print, as well as make sure that your credit is going to be reported. FindSecuredCards strives to place cards that only report to major credit bureaus as well as carry a major logo such as Mastercard. Most cards listed below are going to require a deposit of more than $200 in order to get started with the card. After the deposit is made, some banks will give you interest. Also keep in mind that this deposit is fully refundable.

  • Build credit with responsible use with no processing or application fees
  • Regular reporting to the 3 major credit bureaus
  • Monitor credit with access to a credit score and other tools
  • Your security deposit can get you a line up to $3,000
  • You may qualify for a credit line increase based on your payment history and creditworthiness
  • Use it like any MasterCard credit card, accepted at millions of locations worldwide
  • Better than Prepaid - Compare and Save!
  • Submit Your Refundable Security Deposit of $300 - $2,000 at Time of Application
  • Just Pay Off Your Balance and Get Your Deposit Back at Any Time
  • Good for Car Rental, Hotels; Anywhere Credit Cards are Accepted!
  • Full-Feature Platinum MasterCard® Secured Credit Card
  • No Credit History or Minimum Credit Score Required for Approval
  • Load One Time - Keep On Using No Need For Any Additional Deposits!
  • Get a Credit Line That is Reported To The Major Credit Bureaus!
  • Get Approved Today with a Minimum Deposit for activation $200 - Maximum $5,000.
  • ZERO - 0% FIXED APR on purchases - No Intro rates.
  • ZERO - 0% Rate Won't Change - even if you're late!
  • ZERO Application Fees.
  • ZERO Worries - FREE Personal Id Theft Protection.
  • ZERO Delays - Timely Credit Bureau Reporting.
  • Reports to 3 Major Credit Bureaus Monthly Providing You the Opportunity to Rebuild Your Credit Score!
  • Acceptance at Millions of Locations Including Website Purchases and Reservations
  • Your Account Information is Updated and at Your Fingertips 24/7 So You Can Manage It Your Way
  • Email and Text Messages to Remind You of Your Upcoming Payment Due Date with Online Enrollment
  • On-Call Customer Service Representatives to Assist You with Questions and Concerns

Tips to Know


There are a lot of secured / bad credit credit cards on the market. While there are some that are out there to scam you, or take your money, there are a lot of legitimate cards out there that can help you re-establish your credit. When searching out a card, here are a few things that you can look into.


Building your credit - The first thing that you’re going to want to look into is the credit rebuilding process. When you apply for this card, are they going to report to the major three credit bureaus? If they do, they will highlight it in their application copy. If they don’t, or you don’t know if they do, you may want to call them up to ask them before you apply for the card itself.


A major bank - Secondly, you’re going to want to make sure that your card comes from a major bank, as well as has a major logo from issuers such as Visa and Mastercard. Without this logo, your card won’t be accepted at various merchants out there. You will find that some cards out there don’t carry that major logo. Because of this, you’re going to find that the card won’t be accepted.


Check out the fees - The last thing that you should look into is the fees itself. While a lot of cards out there have annual fees, and more, there are some that have lower fees than others. Some cards are going to charge annual fees, while others may charge a onetime fee only. While there is going to be a lot of wording, you're going to want to make sure that you read them. There are many fees that these banks like to add on.


Credit unions - If you're finding that you're not liking the cards on our list, that is fine! Instead, check with your local credit union. Many of your local credit unions are going to have cards that you can choose from, and yes, some are rather good. Keep in mind that many of these are going to have fees as well.


Pay in full and learn - Treat this credit card just like any other card. It's essential to know that you should pay your bill off in full. Not only is this going to help you build your credit faster, it's going to help you avoid interest rates. The quicker you build your credit back up, the sooner you can graduate onto a card that isn't "secured" related.


Know when to update - There is going to be a time when you credit score doesn't look that bad after all. This is probably when you should upgrade your card to something that doesn't have a lot of fees. Keep in mind that your score isn't going to change overnight. Instead, try and keep up with your score every 6 months or so.

Credit Report Scores
Below is a chart of credit report scores. Credit report scores are important when it comes to applying for a secured credit card. To find out what your credit report score is, please click on the link below.
Great Credit
Good Credit
Fair Credit
Poor Credit
No Credit
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